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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Huntsville Stars, AL

I know Huntsville Alabama is a good drive from Kentucky, but it is close enough. They have the rocket center, which is cool. They have the Stars too, but the town seemed to not be supporting it much. In the town's defense, the stadium is the oldest one in it's league. It is outdated. It is far from unacceptable though. Its older, it doesn't have all of the attractions that many newer stadiums have, but it is nice. Watching the game, I didn't stop and think once about the stadiums age. If this stadium, and this AA team were in my town, I would try to go out and support them every night I could. When we got to town for our game, we drove on over to the stadium. We roamed around a bit looking for a box office, or someone to ask about getting to see the field. The staff was very cool, informal and accommodating. We learned that last nights game was rained out, which meant extra baseball for us tonight! It was buy one get one free ticket night! We were glad we got there early too, as we learned gates open an hour early, and the game started an hour earlier too. The freebies didn't end there. It was also card strip night. In my opinion, the most underrated promotion in baseball. I love card strip night. Plus, all of the players on the cards were at a table to sign their image. On the way in, we talked for a while with the lady taking tickets. We were the 1st ones in, with another couple behind us.There was no crowd. We had plenty of time to chat with players and staff there. Oh, and there were more benefits to coming on this night. They were giving out free beef jerky! Seriously! I did not make this up!
They had a little souvenir stand selling the basics. No store, just a booth.
As the game began, there were maybe 20 people there for the 1st pitch. Seriously. I walked around taking pictures, checking the place out, etc. I felt like I had my own private ball game going on. Check out the picture I put up, thats during an actual game, not batting practice or anything! Count the people there.
I was setting in the upper area behind home plate trying to get a good, full picture of the park. The announcer had his window open. I was listening to the radio announcer calling the game live for about an inning. It was so quit in the park you could hear coaches instructing their players. Unfortunately, the rain came again on this night. The umps tried hard not to cancel or delay the game, but they had to. We waited it out for some time though.

Why should you go to a Stars game? If you are driving through Huntsville, you should see the Stars because nothing else is going on. These guys put a great product on the field, and they take care of their fans. They have fun promotions that I have mentioned before. If you have a couple of days in Huntsville, see a game one day, and go to the rocket center the next. I might be tempted to go the rocket center during the day, and try to hit 2 games in the evenings. If you are in Huntsville for 3 days, think of an excuse to go home early.

Why should you not go to a Stars game?
I didn't notice an on field announcer/MC. Wait. Let me put that in the "Why should you go" section.

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