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Monday, May 18, 2009

5/14/09 Florence Freedom vs. Evansville Otters

The Freedom hosted their 1st exhibition game at Champion Window Field this past Sunday. They beat the Evansville Otters in an exhibition game.

I am a little embarrassed to admit that this was the 1st time I have ever seen the Evansville Otters play. I grew up near them, I have been to Bosse Field (in the off season) but this was my first time actually seeing the team. I have tried to see them many times. Hopefully, I can catch a home game this season.

I really enjoy catching the Freedom. I enjoyed the Freedom/Miners game a few days earlier at Crosley (mentioned in my last post) but the Freedom's home field has a great vibe going on. It seems to get better each season too.

Being the classy organization that they are, the Freedom were letting people in to the game for a canned food item. Most people I saw brought in more than just one, so the Freedom seemed to have had a nice little collection going.

The Freedom have put down that new fake grass stuff on their field. I thought it was pretty cool. Jenn wasn't so sure. It looked nice though. There is kind of an orange/brown grass where the base path dirt used to be. I do appreciate watching a grounds crew prep, but this stuff looked nice. The colors of the grass really stand out. You notice it the second you step in and see the field.

The Freedom still have their original mascot Liberty. Their new mascot, Belle is about the greatest mascot around. She is, without a doubt, the coolest mascot in the state, and she may be the best mascot in all of the Minors. I love big muppets and so do you. The Freedom also have a new mascot that I think they called the Run Rabbit. Rabbits are creepy.

Continuing with their very family friendly (and affordable) theme, the Freedom have added a $1 menu!!! This is super cool. I would love to see this catch on at other parks. They have small burgers for a buck each.

I am really looking forward to my next game in Florence, this is a great park that is very casual and relaxed. The staff is friendly, and they don't have ushers telling you to get out of the isles, or asking to see your ticket.

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