A GREAT view of the field at AT&T Park in Chattanooga during their pre-season open house!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wild Pitches

I hope you all noticed that several minor league teams had Black Friday deals going on. I know the Florence Freedom had some cool things available to those buying some mini plans. Several other teams across the country had specials too. Don't forget to support your favorite minor league baseball team this year!

There is some controversy in the indy leagues right now. Do some searches on the Lake County Fielders. Man, their season was very strange!

Also, the Frontier League's new London Ontario team, the Rippers, has generated some hype and concern.

I personally get a kick out of the odd and unconventional logos and mascots. I generally take a very neutral stance on anything controversial, but I have to admit, I will likely buy some of their swag.

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