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Monday, November 26, 2012

League Stadium- Huntingburg, Indiana

League Stadium in Huntingburg Indiana is currently the home of the Prospect League's Dubois County Bombers!

I wanted to stop and see this park recently for the simple fact that it was an former park in the Frontier league! 

The Dubois County Dragons played here from the late 90s until 2002.  This park seems a bit small by the Frontier League's current standards.

So, it is small, but the place packs a ton of dated charm!  Check out those retro signs!  Also, note the mentions of the "Rockford Peaches"!

The park reminds me a lot of Bosse Field in near by Evansville Indiana.  Both made appearances in the legendary film, "A League of Their Own."

I wasn't able to get inside of the Stadium (I was passing through very early in the morning) but I did find a couple of knot holes that allowed me to get a couple of good photos of the signs.

I am so happy that the Prospect League has a team here!  Huntingburg is a spectacular small town with a very cozy feel.  I hate to over use a cliche, but comparing the place to Mayberry absolutely works.

If you find yourself in Huntingburg for a Bombers game, allow an hour or two to hang out at the local coffee shop, "Cool Beans" and hit the great art, gift, and antique shops.

I will have to make a point to catch the Bombers next season.  This park looks great on a non game day.  I can only imagine how lively it must be when in use!


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