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Friday, June 21, 2013

Frontier Greys

I was able to catch the Frontier Greys playing against the Florence Freedom this weekend!

There is something so odd about a league's "traveling team".  It has no home.  It is pretty much expected to lose most of its games.  There is no real hope of making the playoffs.

I do love the fact that this team is in the league because it is a tribute to the 1st Frontier League championship team from 1993, the Zanesville Greys.

The Greys looked impressive to me against the Freedom.  I looked over the roster, and there are some impressive names that have spent time in affiliated ball.

I saw some good base running and smart plays in general from this team.  Outfielder Mark Micowski went all out going after a ball and tripped over the VERY short outfield fence.  Talk about giving 100%.

Anyway, its great to see the Greys back on the field again.

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