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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Akron RubberDucks

One thing I do miss about living in northern Ohio is all of the access to great baseball.  You can see just about all of the Indians farm teams with a short drive.  I have enjoyed Captains and Scrappers games (had partial season tickets for both teams).  I used to catch the Clippers a couple times each season (they weren't affiliated with the Tribe at that time though) and I used to work walking distance from Canal Park, where the Akron Aeros played.

I always thought that the name "Aeros" was kind of goofy.  I never liked it.

Well, the team is NOW the Akron RubberDucks!  And yes, I absolutely love this name!

I remember the team asked fans to vote on keeping the Aeros name or going with a new one several years ago.  The Rubber Ducks name was an option, but fans voted on keeping the Aeros name.

Still, I think this is a team in desperate need of rebranding, and I think they have done a good job....  so far!


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