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Monday, November 18, 2013

Steve Stewart- Kansas City Royals Radio Ntwork

Steve Stewart has been in baseball for over 20 years!  He has worked with the Red, Cardinals and the Royals during that time!

Steve was kind enough to send me a note recently about some of his thoughts on baseball.....

I asked Steve about his favorite players and he mentions Sean Casey, Brandon Phillips, and Bronson Arroyo.  He says Adam Dunn is a favorite too, and he is a funny guy.

"For the Royals...my favorite current players would probably be Alex Gordon...and among the young guys Salvador Perez and Eric Hosmer are both a lot of fun to watch.  Favorite former player...just in terms of being a great guy...is Jeff Francoeur."

He says that, other than Kansas City, Chicago is his favorite road city.  He went there a lot with the Reds, and now with the Royals.  Steve describes Chicago to be like a second home to him.

He says that he feels Detroit is the best sports city in America.  This might sound a little odd at first, but Steve Stewart makes a good argument, noting that they have all of the major sports team (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) AND major college sports.  All of those teams draw good crowds.  PLUS, Detroit has a NASCAR race each year and golf majors from time to time.

Concerning the Royals, Steve says that the Royals fans are the best and most loyal in baseball.  He says that the town was electric this past summer as the Royals were fighting for a playoff spot.  He says the Chiefs broke the decibel record last Sunday when they beat Oakland.  He also talks about how huge college sports are here.

Check out his blog!


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