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Monday, December 23, 2013

Jared Reaves- Tigers Minor League Prospect

I got a great note from Jared Reaves talking about his career and the past season!

Jared let me know that this season started slow, but he feels that he managed to catch his stride and finish well.

He loved playing for the Whitecaps, and he let me know that the most impressive park in his league was Fort Wayne.

I asked him about missing home, and he said that he does miss the South when he is away, especially in April and May when it is warm.

He did grow up a Braves fan, but that changed when he was drafted by the Tigers organization.  He is proud to be with the Tigers, and he says that the people are caring and professional.

He does acknowledge that he still likes to see the Braves win...  unless they are playing the Tigers!

He ends his note with a "Roll Tide!"

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