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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lexington's Max Sapp

I don't know about anyone else, but I am getting antsy waiting for the baseball season to start up. I was hoping to catch Owensboro's pro basketball team, or Evansville (Indiana)'s new pro hockey team. I thought this would hold me over until April and some baseball. I caught a bad cold though, and couldn't make the trip to Western Kentucky. I am still hoping to catch those teams though, and I am excited for those areas and their getting some pro sports in their areas. I was reading some sad news at MiLB.com today though.

I am sure any fan of minor league ball in the state has heard about Max Sapp's situation. The Astros top pick in 2006 has had some health problems. You can read about it on that web site, hopefully the Legends will put something up too, but he has viral meningitis and had a seizure last night, which was not his first.

I am not a fan of speculation or of cliches in this area, but Max is a great guy, and Lexington has benefited from his presence the last couple of years. I always love getting the players to sign cards for me at the games, and Max seems flattered to be asked. I have seen some guys batting around .200 snub collectors at the low A parks. I hope they enjoy their big league attitudes while they can. I never saw the Astros number 1 pick in '06 do that. He is a guy who enjoys being there, talking to fans, and playing the game.

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