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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Other Pro Sports

I am still anxiously awaiting the start of baseball season. Its right here, its about to happen, but its just not here yet. I should be getting my needed 1st game of the summer in soon. For what its worth, I am interested in some of the other pro sports teams in the area. Now would be a good time to bring those teams up....

Pikeville and Owensboro both had pro basketball teams in town this year!! This is very exciting, and I hope each town has residents showing up to support their team. I am hearing rumors about possible other cities that may get pro basketball teams. I wasn't able to keep up with the Pikeville team, but I did check up on the Owensboro team whenever I could.

I tried to get down to a Bisons game on a couple of occasions, but bad weather prevented it. I heard the team was exciting, I know they had a former UK player, a former Globe Trotter manager, and a legendary mascot. AND, I just read that they won their leagues championship!

I really hope my old town of Owensboro gets out to support this team if they last in the area. I hope people get their buddies together for a game. I hope businesses buy some season tickets. I hope they buy a t-shirt while they are at the game.

I remember growing up Owensboro. It was not cool to cheer for the local team, you wanted to wear the Major League team's shirt. When you grow up or live in a town like Owensboro (a bigger city among smaller towns, but in no way a major city) you want to act like you have a big city connection. I've been there, I've felt that way.

And, in defense of people living in and complaining about Owensboro.... The town, like any other town, has it's issues. I don't want to get in to the job market, or issues with large abandoned buildings here, but towns like that do lack in some areas.

But... they have things going for them that are so over looked. The town is oozing with history. There are some scenic drives that I really miss. There are a couple of notable college sports teams in the area (Wesleyan seems to be the talk of the town when I am home these days). They have the amateur baseball KIT League Oilers too!

Back to sports though. Pro basketball seems like a good fit for the Boro too though. I hope it lasts.

I know its in Indiana, but not too far from Owensboro Evansville seemed to get a lot of support for their new hockey team, the Ice Men. Evansville is a good sports town, and they should do well with this team.

The Arena Football season starts about the same time as Baseball season. I went to several Horsemen's games last year and had a great time. I know the main arena League cancelled their season, but Arena 2 did not. Jared Lorenzen is with the Horsemen this year, which is just too cool. Downtown Lexington is a favorite area of mine too. Going to a Horemen's game is very convenient.

I do wish they would get their act together with their web site though. It hasn't been updated lately, and the season has started. There is no game recap or box score or anything. Unless I missed it, the local paper over looked their first game too. This is inexcusable for a team that really only plays a handful of games each year. I was going to contact them through their web site to address this. When you click on their contact link, it says, "Contact info coming soon!". I am excited about this team, and I plan on supporting them, but this is discouraging.

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