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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don Taussig- 1958, 1961, & 1962 Major Leaguer

Don Taussig, who played for the Cards, Giants, and the original Colt .45s team sent a brief note about a book has has put out.

"Baseball: The Balanced Hand Method Of Hitting" is his book, and he suggests Amazon as a good place to pick it up.

"It is an instructional book concerning the proper use of the hands in swinging a bat. For teaching purposes I discuss my hitting experiences during the period 1957-1961".


  1. Fan of Don's since he hit winning home run against St. Louis in 1962 for Colt .45s. Would like him to see my reference to him on website www.colt45scards.info.

  2. Hey Glynn, thanks for looking at my blog! I do not know if Don has checked the site out, but I did give him the site info when I wrote him..

    WOW! that is a cool site you have! You have put a lot of thought and work in it! Thank you for the link!