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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Roy Wright 1956 New York Giants

Roy Wright played in one game for the 1956 Giants (September 30, 1956).

He sent a note recently about his career. He mentions that the 1950's were a great era for the game.

He is familiar with Kentucky, though he really never played ball in the area. "I didn't play any game in your state. The closest I got would have to be Danville, VA. I am quite familiar with Lexington as I pass through there on my way home to Ohio. My oldest grandson also competed in the SEC's indoor track & field championships a couple of years ago for the University of Georgia."

He mentions a great memory.

"It has to be going to the Polo Grounds the first time and putting on that Giants uniform. To be in the same clubhouse with the greatest outfielder or all time (Mays) was special."

Roy also mentions that he played on the same fields with many other greats while in the Minors, includingPerry, McCovey, and the Alou's.

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