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Friday, February 19, 2010

BOOK: Niagara Falls Confidential by Mike and Rebecca Hudson

I found another strange story relating to baseball in another strange book. "Niagara Falls Confidential" is the type of weird little book that I personally cannot resist.

Authors Mike and Rebecca Hudson have put together a nice short book of short stories relating to strange and dark events that have occurred in the Niagara Falls area, or that have some relationship to Niagara Falls. True crimes, ghost ships and even UFOs are covered. All of the stuff not found in a normal travel guide.

The story of baseball's Big Ed Delehanty is here. Ed had an amazing baseball career, making it into the Hall of Fame. He has a long list of accomplishments (including hitting 4 home runs in one game!).
Ed also drank. He drank a lot. He was on a train hoping to catch up with his teammates (the Senators). On the train, he got very drunk and had some altercations with the passengers. Ed was removed from the train near the Falls. A security person actually saw him go over.
He probably jumped, but there is debate about how he actually ended up dead. Check out the Hudson's book for this strange baseball story, and for the other dark tales in it!

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