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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Frank Carpin 1965 Pirates

Frank sent a great note to me. He mentioned that his home town of Richmond Virginia is getting a new team that he will follow (The Flying Squirrels). He also mentions that the Pirates are his team. He also played with Houston, but he said that he does not follow them, as he had a bad experience there.

He grew up in Brooklyn and says that the Dodgers were his idols, especially Jackie Robinson.

He played for three weeks with the Columbus Jets before getting the call up to the Pirates.

Frank played in Richmond Post 1 as an American Legion player from 1954-1956. He always played North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky in the regionals. He says North Carolina always won.

"I lost 1-0 to Roman Gabriel's team in 1956. He was a 1st baseman."

He says that Kentucky never seemed to be as good as North Carolina, Tennessee of Virginia. North Carolina was the best.

He mentions that he played Hal Stone and Jimmy Hall then, and he would later become friends with them in pro ball.

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