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Sunday, December 19, 2010

John Miller- 1966 Yankees and 1969 Dodgers

John Miller played with some great teams, and he spent some time playing with the Harlan Kentucky Smokies in 1962!

"My first year of pro ball I played for Harlan," he says.

He tells me that there is not enough time or paper to describe the town.

I asked him about playing for the legendary Mud Hens.

"I only played in Toledo for a month of the 66 season. I just remember it was cold in April and hot and sticky in August. We did have a big chicken on the front of the ballpark."

Going back to Harlan, he tells me, "in 1962 we would by our beer from May the bootlegger and the sheriff of Harlan county would get shot about every month."

Thanks for the honest and interesting stories John! I do not know May (but I would love to hear more about the bootlegger selling to the team!)!

I can relate about Toledo. I remember a Toledo game in early April of 06 or 07. We had coats on and all, but we had to find blankets! It was freezing! Only a few hundred fans showed up that night.

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