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Monday, April 30, 2012

Lexington Legends Opening Day 2012

I went to the first couple of Legends games this year.  I am sure I will be at many more games, but the first few are always special.

A few notes-

There was a 15 year old girl who sang the national anthem on opening night and nailed it.  perfect.

I tip my hat to the Lexington Herald Leader who put her picture in the paper the next day.  I actually clipped it and might put a scan up later.  The paper did a good job of covering the Legends opening day.

The charitable group "Wig Out" was there.  I like this group a lot.  They raise money to help people who have gone through chemotherapy and may lose their hair get a wig.

Go to their web site and read more about what they do:


Back to the action at the park.

The team was playing appropriate music and sound effects, as usual.  I was glad to hear the old video game sound effect of "finish him" whenever the other teams batter had two strikes.

Oh, at one point, Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" was played over the PA system.  Julio Vinas, the manager for the Kannapolis Intimidators, immediately showed his love of vintage hair band music by holding up two fingers and rocking out!  Seriously!  Check out the picture!  OK, maybe he was just signaling to his players that there were two outs in the half inning.

The Legends guaranteed that the team would win opening night, and if they lost, you could come back for free for night number two!

I don't want to say that I was hoping that my home town team the Legends would lose, but....  free baseball is free baseball.

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