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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

West Virginia Power Open House

Saturday the West Virginia Power held a very nice event for fans at their ballpark.
I really enjoy getting over to Appalachian Power Park for games during the year. The place is very cozy and casual. The staff is cool and laid back.
We got there early, and the weather wasn't exactly perfect, so we were among the first few in the doors.
Luckily, being among the first group in, we were given a very thorough and informative tour of the park by the team's broadcaster, Adam Marco!
I know, parks at the A level are pretty small compared to their major league parent clubs. Still, there is a lot to see, and getting the chance to actually step inside of the dugout, broadcast booth and suites is pretty exciting. To me, that stuff never gets old!
I was glad that Adam was giving us our tour, and I asked him about some of his personal favorite moments while working on the radio. He said that interviewing James Best from the Dukes of Hazzard was pretty cool. I asked him about his favorite promotions at the park, and he said that he enjoyed it when baseball legends come out to the park. he mentioned that he will enjoy the game at Appalachian Power Park on Friday April 27th, when Dave parker, Steve Blass and Kent Tekulve will be appearing!
Adam showed us the area (still under a bit of construction) where their new "Legends Club" will
be. It looks like this area will mostly be used for larger groups. Parties can be held there and it
will include a buffet during the game. Right now tickets can be bought in packages or the suite can be reserved for groups. I liked the space and the benefits of this more than at some other parks.
Also, Quaker Steak and Lube will be operating out of the former Power Alley Grill location! I love their wings.
The team was giving out samples of food that it will be serving during games this year. There are a couple if items I will be looking forward to at games this year. Apple sausage for one.
This was a really nice event in Charleston. I am looking forward to catching some games here this season.

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