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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Erasmo Ramirez- 2003-2005 Rangers, 2007 A's and Marlins

Erasmo Ramirez sent me a very nice note recently answering some questions!

He let me know that he was a big San Francisco Giants fan growing up.  Will Clark was his favorite player.  He says that his friends in SoCal gave him some flak about that, but he didn't mind.

He still follows his former teams, especially the Rangers and he has friends still in their front office.

I asked Erasmo specifically about the stadium situation during his time in Nashville.  He says it was, "HORRIBLE!"

He says that there was no clubhouse, and they had to shuttle to the stadium from the Titans stadium every game!

He says that his favorite book is "The Godfather" and his favorite baseball book is Dorfman's "The Mental Game of Baseball."

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