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Friday, March 15, 2013

Wild Pitches

Not to deviate too far off the topic of baseball but.....

Have you read this weeks "Point After" column in Sports Illustrated yet?  Even when they don't talk about baseball, I love reading it.

Steve Rushin has one of the wittiest ones yet with his "Morality Players."  Go pick up this weeks issue (there is an interesting article on Stanford's Mark Appel that will justify a baseball fans purchase of SI this week).

Anyway, Rushin has some of the best lines ever in this article about being a moral sports fan.  He asks if NASCAR fans are unintentionally supporting the gun lobby (as an upcoming race is sponsored by the NRA).

He describes the phrase "student-athlete" as Orwellian (well done Mr. Rushin!).

Steve is getting a great point across in his article (in the same way Seth MacFarlane gets a point across in any episode of Family Guy).  You really MUST read the entire article.  If you aren't crying with laughter by the end of it, you aren't alive.

Allow me to quote my favorite line from the article, "And we tell the angel on our shoulder to lighten up, to give us a break, that it's O.K. to eat a chicken taco at a baseball game without knowing whether the poultry in question was farm-raised, hand-fed or homeschooled."


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