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Friday, March 14, 2014

Bowling Green Hot Rods

I have really developed a fondness for the Hot Rods over the last few seasons.  Bowling Green is a nice town, and the Bowling Green Ballpark is in a nice, easy to get to area with plenty of street parking, and a convenient garage right next door.

There is a really cool antique shop close by, and the cozy coffee shop, Spencer's, right next door too.  Spencer's is a great place for soup, sandwich, and some of the best coffee in Kentucky.

It is very easy to spend a relaxing day near the park, and then catch a Hot Rod's game in the evening.

So, I am always looking for a reason to get to this area, even if a game is not going on.

Luckily, the team recently hosted a preseason event.

I love it when teams, especially minor league ones, do this.  Its not everyday that you get a guided tour of the smaller parks, with a chance to see the clubhouse, walk through the bullpen, and have a seat in the dugout.  Its always a cool experience!

AND, the very cool Jennifer was our tour guide.  She has worked for the team for SIX years (that's a pretty long time in the world of minor league baseball).  Jennifer was able to talk about previous players on the team, updating locals on which players have moved up, or down, in the Rays system.  She was also very knowledgeable on stats, and playing conditions of the park.

Jennifer mentioned a lot of promotions for the upcoming season, and how the Hot Rods are focusing on being "funner" this season.  The team is taking a lot of pride in their food options at the park this season.

Mascots were available for photos, and the team was giving away free Pepsi and popcorn!  Drawings were held for a free TV too!

And, as if they had not been generous enough, the team was having a great sale in their gift shop!  I could not leave without a new hat and t-shirt myself.



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