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Friday, February 5, 2010

Carl Bouldin 1961-1964 Washington Senators

Carl Bouldin played for the Senators in the early 60s and he has some strong connections to Kentucky! He also played college basketball for the University of Cincinnati. He played for the 60-61 Bearcats, who won the NCAA Championship! His family moved to the Cincinnati area when he was 2.

Carl says that he had an interview with Rupp in 1957! "He said he needed 7 footers and I always wondered if he recognized my name when we won the NCAA in basketball in 1961. Probably not." He says that he loved the early UK teams.

"I used to practice by myself imagining I was on that team when I was 8-12 years old."

"I was glad to have about 2 years total in the big leagues with Washington even though they lost 100 games every year. My biggest thrills in baseball were facing the guys I had pictures of on my wall growing up. Mathews, Aaron, Clemente (in spring training) and Maris."

"I struck out Mantle (once)." Mr. Bouldin also mentions playing against other heroes such as Killebrew, Colavito, Cash, Ward, etc.

"I had a lot of memories in the major leagues and minor leagues, but a big thrill for me happened in 1963 in Caracas, Venezuela in Winter ball. I was on the same team with Pete Rose, Tommy Helms, Cesar Tovar, etc. We beat a rival team who had all three Alou Brothers on it."

Carl gives me another great story involving the Toronto Maple Leafs. "The Maple Leafs had a lot of former big leaguers on it. Sparky Anderson was the manager (his 1st year managing)".

Carl says that Sparky commented, "if we don't win by 10 games with this group of players, I am a bad manager." Carl tells me that the team went on to finish 4th place.

Thanks for the fun stories Carl!

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