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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lexington Legends

I have finally been able to get out to Applebee's park. I got to watch Rome the other night and I was able to see the Legends play the new Bowling Green team.

Bowling Green played the good guys on Saturday and Sunday. They looked very sloppy on Saturday ending the game with a big loss, and 5 or 6 errors. The next day they looked good winning.

I am hoping to catch a game at the new park in Bowling Green soon. I am glad to have another pro team in the state. I drove by their new park a few weeks ago, and it looked like a very unfinished construction site. Obviously the park was put together in time. I am also curious about the parking situation in the area with the college near by.

I know a couple years ago Owensboro was close to getting a Frontier League team in town. That whole plan fell apart. A few years ago Owensboro would have fit right in to that leagues landscape. The Frontier League has really sprung in to a nice upscale league. I am a fan of both, the Frontier League and Owensboro, and as much as I would still love to see pro baseball in the Boro, I can't see it happening. Owensboro does have the amateur team, the Oilers, and they have the pro basketball team the Bisons. I hope they keep both.

Back to the Legends. Last years team had a lot of heart, but it felt like a desperate low A team. Sometimes it didn't feel like a team, it felt like a bunch of guys trying to keep their pro careers alive a little longer. I felt their pain at times. It was hard watching them. I do hope that a couple of players on that team find their rhythm somewhere else in the system and make it.

I feel a lot more optimistic about this team. I chatted briefly with the new coaching staff this year. Their energy was infectious.

Pete Rancont, who is a bit over 60, had a smile on his face like a 5 year old getting his 1st base hit ever. He seems excessively happy. This guy is too mature for this kind of enthusiasm! I hope he can stick around Lexington for awhile, I like watching him coach and interact with the Legends.

Tom Lawless is Tom Lawless. He was on some of those great 80's St. Louis teams. He played for the regional favorite Reds too. He also played for both Canadian ML teams. He seemed pleasant to me, but you can tell he can be tough as needed. I could easily see him working his way up as a manager.

Travis Driskill just made the switch from ML pitcher (Orioles, Rockies, and Astros) to a coach in the minors a couple of years ago. He also spent a little time playing in Japan which increases his cool level several points. You get the impression that he still might be able to give a few good innings if needed. Travis seems like he has a ton of excitement about baseball, his job, and being at the park. Rumor was Charley Taylor should be back soon, and I am excited about that. That guy is minor league gold, but I wish we could keep Driskill around too. I called him coach, and he insisted on being called Travis.

Maybe its the way Lawless manages, or maybe we really do have some prospects here. I have enjoyed watching these guys trying to impress with bunts, steals and focus. This should be an exciting team for Lexington.

For fans of other sports, I did catch a Horsemen's game the other night and had a great time. Former UK and New York Giants Quarterback Jared Lorenzen is with the team and is very exciting. They guy is just entertaining, as is the rest of the team. Some of my older friends have complained about the loudness of Horsemen games (and it does get loud). If you can deal with the noise, these games are a lot of fun. Also, Kentucky basketball legend Kyle Macy was interviewed at the game about his upcoming gig managing a pro basketball team that will play at the new arena at the Horsepark!

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