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Friday, April 24, 2009

West Michigan Whitecaps

Continuing on with Michigan.... We were able to stop by Fifth Third Ballpark near Grand Rapids Michigan. Again, we were unable to catch a game here, but we were able to stop by the park, look around, and hit the gift shop.

I really hoped to catch more games on this trip but we were hitting towns on off days (I have no doubt Jenn planned things this way... more time at malls).

"Fifth Third" is becoming way too common of a name for parks. I guess, as a fan of the minors, I do appreciate support.

This park has gained some notoriety lately for their massive huge $20 burger. I have seen spots on this in the national news. I think the burger was originally meant to be a meal for 4, but some have answered the challenge, and have taken out the entire burger on their own. A t-shirt was available in the gift show giving the "nutrition" information on it.

They have a nice gift shop, with a sale section. I picked up some shirts with Darth Vader on them from their Star Wars night at the park. Does it get any better than combining Star Wars and baseball?

I did not get to see a game here, but I enjoyed checking the place out. It is close enough to the parent team in Detroit that locals do get to see guys from the main team on rehab assignments. I hope to catch a game here in the future.

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