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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bill Renna 1953-1959 MLBer

Bill Renna, who played with the 53 Yankees, 54 Philadelphia A's, 55-56 Kansas City A's, and the 58-59 Red Sox sent a great note about his career, adding a Louisville link.

"In '52 when I was with the K.C. Blues- we played Louisville KY @ Louisville. Pinky Higgins was the Mgr. of the Louisville team. He later became the Mgr. of the Boston Red Sox. I had some good games against them in that season- especially in Louisville.
I think that had a lot to do with their purchase of me from the S.F. Seals in '57. Pinky and I got along very well. Louisville was a very nice park. I liked it."

Thanks for the note Bill!


  1. Hi! I learned of your blog from a kind note you send to my Dad, Nelson ("Nellie") King recently. Just to let you know he has autographed the items you sent and really enjoyed your letter. He has his own blog now, too: http://happinessislikeacurdog.blogspot.com which is where you can learn all about his new, and very well-reviewed, autobiography about his life in baseball from the 1940s until the late 1970s. Best to you, Laurie

  2. Hey Zinjabeelah, I am so glad you stopped by, and I am so glad to hear from you and your dad! Nellie's blog looks great! Let me know if there is a place where I can buy a signed copy of the book, I will be picking it up either way...
    Thanks for everything!