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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jack Daniels

I do write the occasional fan letter to baseball players to see what they think about playing, or if they have retired, I do ask about their playing days, especially if it relates to playing in or near the great state of Kentucky.

Jack Daniels who played in 1952 for the Boston Braves sent a note back to me that he watches the Cards and Cubs these days. He says that he doesn't like the way the game is played though. I have heard this from a lot of the guys that played more than a couple of decades ago.

He says that he was with the Toledo Sox from 52-55. With that team he played in Louisville at Parkway Field. He says it was a good field to play on and that he had a few good nights there. He remembers a home run contest there to!

Thanks for letting me know about your time in Kentucky Jack! Playing baseball in Toledo (not to mention the Majors) also entitles you to some serious bragging rights!

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