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Friday, November 27, 2009

Lloyd Hittle 1949 & 1950 Washington Senators

Bernice Hittle, a relative of Lloyd, responded on his behalf to a letter I wrote him.

Bernice says that Lloyd appreciated hearing from baseball fans. He turns 85 in February and is almost completely deaf.

He has no favorite teams today, but his all time favorite player is Ted Williams. Ms. Hittle notes that Lloyd feels no one could hold a candle to him today.

Lloyd started with the Stockton Ports in 1946 after he returned from the service.

He doesn't remember a whole lot about playing for the Senators, but he does recall his two strike outs against the White Sox.

Thanks to Bernice and Lloyd Hittle for this response. It gives me goose bumps knowing that Bernice and 85 year old Lloyd took the time to write me about Lloyd's career which started OVER 60 years ago.

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