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Friday, April 9, 2010

BOOK: Have Glove Will Travel by Bill Lee

Bill Lee is such a classic character in baseball. The Spaceman has been around for some time as a member of the Expos, Red Sox, or some other team.

"Have Glove Will Travel" is a fun baseball book full of Bill Lee stories.

I can't even try to give you an overview on this one. It is wacky. Real wacky. Bill has always been open about his indulgences and his lifestyle.

In this book, he covers his trips through baseball towns and other various "trips."

The Spaceman talks about his getting released from the Expos, and doing his darnedest to find another ML team to take him (he was very blackballed). He goes out and plays for any professional, or not so professional team that he can.

Bill's stories are all over the map. One of my favorites involves Bill trying to contact Pedro Martinez to tell him not to joke about the curse of the Bambino. Bill crosses paths twice with Salem's official witch Laurie Cabot in attempts to reverse the Bambino curse. Another great story involves Lee's confrontation with a preacher trying to save him during a fishing trip.

Bill gives a crazy but sincere story about how he feels about the controversial state of Ted Williams after Ted's death. Bill had a lot of admiration for the legend. Bill describes his feelings, and those of others as rage.

You may or may not agree with Bill, his philosophies or his lifestyle, but I think you will still enjoy this book. His stories are honest, and he doesn't alter his tales to make them more appealing to a wider audience. His honesty is rare, especially in a baseball book by a baseball player, who has very openly admitted to drug use. Bill Lee is not trying to justify or convince. He is not trying to push his agenda. He is just giving honest descriptions about his experiences in baseball.

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