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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wandy Rodriguez in Sports Illustrated

There was a nice article in Sports Illustrated this week about 2002 Lexington Legends pitcher Wandy Rodriguez. Wandy is a bit of a personal favorite. I like his attitude.

The SI article talks about how he had to originally fake his identity to get a chance to play in professional baseball.

Wandy has played with the Astros now for awhile. I always love cheering for an underdog like Wandy (and the Astros). I know of several from Lexington who are following the Astros now because of the single A team in town.

As usual, Sports Illustrated does a very nice job giving a good story. I got my subscription at a huge discount through my nieces school magazine sale.

Any Kentuckian might be hesitant to buy this weeks issue because of the basketball team shown on the cover, but you should pick it up anyway.

Also, I am putting up a picture I took of Wandy when he was pitching against the Pirates at PNC Park back in 06. Wandy very kindly signed the photo for me!

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