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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Postal and stamp collecting- and baseball!

I have dabbled with collecting things here and there. Obviously, I love baseball, and I do find myself casually collecting a few related items (tickets to games I go to, an autograph, books, etc.). I don't like the usual collectibles (I really don't like baseball cards or statures).

I do like postcards and First Day Covers, especially if they relate to baseball.

I found this issues of "The American Stamp Dealer" from 2006 recently that has a brief but informative article on baseball and stamps! I love the cover of this issues!

The first baseball stamp ever used was a 3 cent stamp issued in 1939 to coincide with the opening of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

The next baseball related stamp was not issued until 30 years later in 1969. A 6 cent stamp was issued to commemorate the Centennial of Professional Baseball.

Several baseball related stamps have come out since then, including various ones of baseball players, and the great set of baseball stadiums.

The article from this magazine also notes several other stamps that relate to baseball which might fit in to a baseball topical collection.

I try to pick up every postcard I can when I am in an area with a ball park. The last time I was in the Boston area, I found MANY fun postcards showing Fenway Park. I really enjoy finding postcards with minor league parks, but they sometimes require more hunting to find.

Also, I might try to find envelopes with postmarks relating to a baseball event. I might try to find an envelope canceled in New York on the date of the last game at Shea or Yankee stadium.

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