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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Joker Marchant Stadium- Lakeland, FL

Joker Marchant Stadium was a highlight of our baseball road trip.

Physically it was not the most impressive park but, over all, it just had a nice feel. Good staff, good fans, and good atmosphere.

The Detroit Tigers coaches and players seemed happy to see the fans, and even interacted well. Check out the photo of Tom Brookens hamming it up for a fan's photo! Awesome!

Unlike some of the other parks we visited, the Tigers were pushing the home town minor league Flying Tigers. The usual home team's merchandise was available in the gift shop, and they had Flying Tiger souvenir cups at the concession stand (you could choose that, or a Detroit Tiger's spring training cup). Oh, and season schedules for the minor league team were available.

To me, ticket prices here were a bit more reasonable. We had a couple of seats in a very nice area near the Tiger's dugout. Stadium staff came around to check tickets before the game. And again, unlike at some other parks, I thought the staff was at least pleasant as they asked people to return to their actual seats. We had a good time chatting with fans in our area!

Check out the picture of the guy who brought his stuffed tiger to the game! it looks like the tiger has his neck turned to check out the action at the plate!

The Tigers were playing the Nationals, and there was a ceremony before the game acknowledging that great 2006 team, as Pudge was on hand now with Washington. It was very nice.

We generally enjoyed the city of Lakeland too. We found a couple of really nice restaurants we liked downtown. Traffic wasn't too bad either. Sometimes you visit a park and think that it is nice, but you have been there and seen it- and there is no particular reason to go back.

We did not feel that way at Joker Marchant.

I would like to go back to see the minor league team, or to catch the Tigers training again.

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