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Thursday, October 13, 2011

San Diego Chicken and the West Michigan White Caps

Previously I went on about how great of a time I had seeing the West Michigan White Caps. My time in Grand Rapids was especially exciting because the greatest promotion in all of baseball was there on on our night at the park. Obviously I am talking about the Famous San Diego Chicken.

I posted about the Chickens appearance in Indianapolis some time ago. He is still pulling many of the same gags, but they just get funnier each time you see them.

I mentioned seeing him to a friend recently. My friend said something about it not being the same guy anymore. I corrected him and told him that the Chicken is still Ted Giannoulas, just as he has been for over 3 decades now.

You have to love the chicken. He has been appearing for forever now, and he is extremely fan friendly. He sticks around after the game to sign autographs for everyone. He does have a merch table at the games (I picked up a cool Chicken bobble head for a very reasonable $10).

Oh, Grand Rapids has a very cool connection to the Chicken in a political way! I toured the Gerald Ford museum, and they have an old mask of Ted's on display! How cool is that?

A tip of my yellow 21 cap goes out to the White Caps for being such a great organization and hosting the legendary mascot!

And, thanks to the Chicken for being so consistently great! I think we are all hoping to catch the San Diego Chicken at many more games!

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