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Monday, October 10, 2011

West Michigan White Caps- Fifth Third Ballpark

Grand Rapids Michigan has something really special going with their team.

The area gives a lot of support to the West Michigan White Caps.

The fans and the venue both have much more of a AA feel than an A feel. This is a nice, slick venue with a very modern atmosphere.

Plus, the White Caps are affiliate with the Tigers, who play just up the road.

These guys have had some attention over the past years because of unique food items (including a huge burger).

I had a nice pork sandwich and potato salad myself. It was really good.

I know this might sound odd, but I felt like this organization wanted to make everything "really good."

Let me explain a bit. I have been to some parks that have a unique museum or statue. Maybe they have a great gift shop. BUT, they might have a very mediocre menu selection. Sometimes parks are excellent in one area, but not so good in another.

That was not the case here. I felt that this team was just really well managed in every area. On a scale of 1-10, EVERY area was at least a 9. The staff was helpful and friendly. They have a well stocked gift shop with unique items. Parking was easy. I checked out their promotions schedule. It was packed.

If I had to take a non-baseball fan to a minor league park somewhere... anywhere... and I wanted them to have the best experience they could possibly have.... I would take them here.

Its a newer park and all, so obviously you wouldn't have the charming history of an older park, but you would have all of the modern comforts.

Even without the history of an older team, they still have signs up mentioning current MLBers who have played, in the past, for the White Caps.

Oh, and Grand Rapids is just a really nice area. They have a nice downtown area with the cool Gerald Ford Museum, and they have the Fred Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park (I will get reviews for those sites up on my other blog). Those attractions, along with the White Caps can justify a 7 day trip to Grand Rapids.

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