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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lansing Lugnuts

We took a moment to stop and see the Lansing Lugnuts on our recent road trip.

This is an interesting park in an interesting area.

This is one team that has taken the naming rights thing to an entirely new level. Try to say this without getting confused-

The venue formerly known as Oldsmobile Park is now known as Jackson Field at Thomas M. Cooley Law School Stadium. I have a feeling that locals are probably having a tough time saying it. More importantly, I bet locals are having a hard time remembering it. I am guessing that the park will still be called by it's old name, or the locals will simply generically say, "Lets go see the Lugnuts."

Hey, as a fan of minor league baseball I do try to take note of who has a sign up at the park. If a company is supporting minor league baseball, I do try to think about that.

Then again, I think about how cool it is that Victory Field in Indianapolis has proudly not sold it's naming rights. They are in a bigger market though, with a lot of local fan support.

Still, this is a nice little park that is fun. The staff was great.

Right across from the park are some nice condos and businesses. I have always had a fantasy of living in a nice little place like Lansing, directly across from a park.

I love cool art and cool baseball related statues, and the Lugnuts have them! One piece of art was hard to explain, but interesting.

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