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Friday, September 21, 2012

Bruce Kimm- 1976-1980 Major Leaguer

Bruce Kimm sent a nice note recently about his career!  He spent a little over a decade in professional baseball, spending time in the majors with the Tigers and with both Chicago teams.  He also spent time in the minors with some of my favorite teams- Knoxville, Toledo and Evansville!

He tells me that he doesn't really have a favorite team at the moment.  He doesn't follow baseball much now, though he does watch games on TV.

He says that Knoxville was a good place to play, and they had a lot of good players.

He remembers Evansville well too, saying that they had good teams and won championships in 75 & 79.

He mentions a couple of books he is interested in.  One is about Norway baseball, and one is about baseball in Iowa by Bob Meyers.

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