A GREAT view of the field at AT&T Park in Chattanooga during their pre-season open house!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wild Pitches

The Southern Illinois Miners are playing the Florence Freedom in the Frontier League Championship!

Anyone in the northern part of Kentucky or the western part of the state should be able to catch one of these games.  Marion, IL, the home of the Miners, is not too far out.

I have mentioned before that I really love this league.  I was at last nights game in Florence, and I am hoping to be at Saturday nights game in Marion.  I will get photos up soon.....

On a different note......

I enjoy all of minor league baseball, but I am getting really frustrated with the affiliate teams' web sites.  They are bad.

It seems to me that this season they really went over the top with advertisements.

First of all, I am going to their sites to literally see an ad for their product.  If I wanted to read about a university or a car, I would search that product's site.

When I really got interested in baseball several years ago, I loved the purity of the minor leagues. 

Sure, you have sponsors, company names on the outfield wall, etc. and I am OK with that.

But ads on top of ads on the web site- I don't like that.

I will still go to a lot of games each season, and I will still frequently check sites linked to milb.com...  but that love of minor league baseball is just a little bit less right now.

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