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Monday, September 17, 2012

Florence Freedom- Frontier League Championship

The Frontier League Championship Series JUST ended in Marion Illinois!  I personally attended game 2 in Florence and game 3 in Marion!

It was great seeing the Championship trophy in the team shop at both parks.  To the left is my photo from Florence.  I will have a photo up from Rent One Park (home of the Southern Illinois Miners) probably tomorrow.

If you followed this series at all, you know that it was very exciting.  Except for game 2 they were all close, and they all featured tense situations in the 9th (or 12th)!

AND, how many championships have been decided by a walk-off walk?

This was a VERY exciting series, and it gave me the opportunity to squeeze in a few more games before the minor league season ended!

The Florence Freedom are one of my all time favorite teams, and I was pulling for them, but then again, I love the entire Frontier League.  I would have loved for the Freedom to win it, but there was no shame in falling to the Miners.  They are a tough team.

Frankly, I didn't get to attend as many games this year as I usually do.  I especially didn't get to see the Freedom much, so I was really happy to have the chance to squeeze a couple more in.

If you have ever attended a championship game in the minors, you know that the feel can be a little under enthusiastic.  I think most casual fans are unaware that a few extra games have been added for the season.  Crowds can be a bit unimpressive.

I thought both venues drew good crowds.  There was more enthusiasm in Marion than in Florence, but that might have been because of their teams dominance starting in game 1.

I know in some ways, staff may be exhausted form the season.  Some people may have been excited about the season (and work) ending, just to find out that a few more games have been added.  Its great that they stick around to keep the season going for just a little bit longer.....

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