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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bob Feller Museum

On our recent trip through Iowa, we made a point to make a stop in Davenport, to visit the Bob Feller Museum!
As former Clevelanders, we felt like this was a must stop.
We were actually fortunate enough to meet the legendary Bob Feller on a couple of occasions while we lived there.  He seemed tough as nails each time, even for the old timer he was.
I admired him for the fact that he took time out of his career as a very successful baseball player to VOLUNTEER to join the Navy and help out in WWII!  They don't make ballplayers like that anymore.  Heck, they don't make humans like that anymore.
Luckily, the nice little community of Davenport Iowa has a museum going devoted to their hometown legend.  I hope this museum keeps going forever.  Bob deserves it.
The day we went the museum was having a bit of a "garage sale" selling some old signed photos and other items they had around.  I was very excited about this.  My wife was not as excited.
Still, I found some bargains, and simply enjoyed checking out the museum.

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