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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Peoria Chiefs

We stopped at O'Brien Field in Peoria recently on our trip through Illinois.

Sometimes on a road trip, you have to time things out in a not so perfect way.  We were not able to stop here on a game day.  Which is sad, because this park looks great.  The staff was awesome too, and we really liked Peoria.

The Chiefs had no problem letting me come in and take a few pictures.  They opened their gift shop up too!

Merchandise Manager Paige Peugh was great in the team shop.  She let me know about the sales going on, what was going on with the team, etc.  After I made my purchases and left the gift shop, she chased me down to give me a program, pointing out one of the players on the team we had discussed!  She then offered to take a photo of me and my wife (I think she noticed that we were trying to do the sloppy self photo thing).

AND the Chiefs have a well stocked reasonable gift shop.  Postcards, team sets and other items were on hand.  I even scored a team jersey for under $50!!!  (bloggers note: if you collect jerseys and find them for 60 bucks or less, you MUST buy at least one).

Other than some parts of the southern part of the state, I am not real familiar with Illinois.  This is a nice area though, with a lot going on.  I really want to get back to this area to explore a bit more.


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