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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quad Cities River Bandits

We had a very similar experience in Davenport Iowa to the one we had in Peoria.

That section of the country just has a very cool, relaxed, casual feel.

And, just like in Peoria, we found a great ballpark!

Modern Woodmen Park is the home of the Quad Cities River Bandits.  This is one of those parks that I really wanted to get to and catch a game.  Some of the photos showing that great bridge in the background really impressed me!

That bridge really looks spectacular.  What a unique view over the outfield wall for fans in Davenport!

In fact, I can't saw enough about it.  It might be one of the most impressive views in all of baseball.  That view, along with the nice, small size of the park, instantly makes this one of my favorites!

Kids riding their bikes across the bridge stopped to catch some of the game.  The bridge lights up at nice.  There is almost something unreal about looking at it.

The staff at Modern Woodmen Park do a great job too.

We bought foot long hot dogs at one of the stands near the entrance.  The guys cooking and selling the dogs were full of character.  The locals seemed to love these guys.

They charge $2 to park, but then they give you $2 in "Bandit Bucks" to use inside of the park!  I can handle that!

As I mentioned, the park has a very small feel (it reminded me in some ways of NYPL parks).  All of the seats are good.  AND you can walk a complete lap around the park (I love that at a minor league park).

If you are a baseball road tripper, this is a trip you have to make.  The park is amazing. 

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