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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Seating and a Foul Ball Lawsuit

When I get to a park and buy my tickets for the game, I can get a bit particular.  If its a park I have never been to before, and the person selling tickets seems competent, I might ask for their opinion about where to go for the best skyline view, or where to get a seat without the sun in my eyes.  If it looks like there might be rain, I will ask for a seat under an awning.

Normally though, I simply ask for an aisle seat, near third, without netting obstruction.  Sometimes when I ask for that, I get a blank stare.

But, I am aware of the dangers of foul balls, especially at the smaller minor league parks I love.  Our ears have been grazed, seats we were sitting in have been nailed seconds after we get up for a dog....  I can go on.

There are some horror stories out there.  Coaches and fans have been hurt over the last several seasons.

I know when I go to a game with my dad, he would rather have the seats behind the net.  I like taking pictures from my seat though, and the net is terrible.  I know a lot of people feel differently about this.  I would hate to have a day when you go to the ballpark, and ALL seats are protected by netting.  What do you think?

Here is an article by Dan Carden with the Northwest Indiana Times about some legal concerns relating to a fan hit (and seriously injured) by a ball.


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