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Monday, April 21, 2014

Linda Ruth Tosetti- Babe Ruth's Granddaughter!

I sent a brief note to Babe Ruth's granddaughter not too long ago.  I hoped she might send a note, or a signed picture, but she took the time to send me a VERY nice long note, and some other info.  I must say that I was touched by her generous response.

She says that Babe loved home runs because he hit one once as a child.  It went over the right fielder's head.  The other boys cheered him, so he kept hitting them.

Concerning Moe Berg (who was a spy, see my review on this blog on the book about him), Babe said that he could speak seven languages, but he couldn't hit in any of them.

I thought the quote about Berg was the best Babe quote Linda mentioned, but then she also mentioned this one-

"Baseball is the greatest game in the world and it deserves the best you can give it."

Thanks Linda!  AND, check out her site at:


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