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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

West Virginia Power 2014

We were able to make it to Charleston West Virginia to catch the Power take on the Legends.  The weather was great, and Charleston is a great town for South Atlantic League baseball!

Charleston is a town that has really grown on me over the last few seasons, along with this part of West Virginia.  I really enjoy making the drive over to this area.

It was a bonus that this was a Saturday DAY game.  I would like to see more teams have day games on a Saturday.  Since the game started at 2, we were able to drive up early, enjoy some other sites nearby, and then drive home after the game.  No need for a hotel room (or to drive in the dark) on this trip!

We got seats near the Toastman at this game.  I have noticed him before, but it was a real treat setting in his section!  This guy is lively!  He holds up signs with fun nicknames for the West Virginia players, and he taunts the opposing players when they strikeout (by making toast and throwing it into the crowd).  Seriously, Toastman is a very entertaining part of the game.

I really like coming to Appalachian Power Park to see the Power for many other reasons too.  For one thing, the staff at the park is always helpful and calm.  They are OK with people moving around a bit, and enjoying the game from different perspectives.  These guys don't have staff harassing fans to return to their seats.  The park has a pleasant "locals who all know each other" vibe.  You feel like kids and families walk down to the park not just to see a game, but to see their friends.

I really can't emphasize this enough.  At this park I feel a real retro calmness.  This is one of the more casual parks I know of.  The buildings around the park have an older feel and you do feel like you have gone back in time.  I don't want to make any over used comparisons to Mayberry but.......

I love the scenery around the park too- lots of mountains, plus, the previously mentioned older buildings.

Oh, and I did see some people watching the game from rooftops nearby!  I would love to work in one of the gorgeous older buildings that overlook the park.

I have noticed a vendor at the games who seems to always be selling hats for $5!  Like the Toastman, this guy is witty and always making jokes!

I could go on and on about how much I love this park.


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