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Monday, February 9, 2009

Book: Minor League Baseball Towns of Michigan- Mark Okkonen

Minor League Baseball Towns of Michigan: Adrian to Ypsilanti : The Teams & the Ballparks of the Wolverine State from the 1880s to the Present

Mark Okkonen put this book together as a labor of love. This is an amazing book full of info. My copy is dated 1997, and I don't think this book is still in print. Several copies are available on Amazon as of this writing.
So much changes in minor league ball. Teams change their names, stadiums, affiliations, etc. Heck, independent leagues come and go too. A lot has already happened in Michigan in the last year alone.
This book is great. It wasn't put together with lots of cutting and pasting in a word document. There are photo copies of newspaper photos. I think Mr. Okkonen spent a lot of time dealing with old papers and microfiche.
There is an index in the back. Endless info in the book, with attention paid to the Negro Leagues and the All American Girls. I have seen a lot of modern books on baseball with more flash and slicker paper, but with a lot less info.
I hope someone else in the near future will update this book. I would love to see a book put together with as much passion for Ohio, Kentucky, PA, and Tenn.
I am not sure that this is the kind of book you would want to read straight through, but it is a great one to keep on the shelf, and to flip through the next time you read about one of the greats spending time on a farm team in Michigan.

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