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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mahoning Valley Scrappers, OH.

The Mahoning Valley Scrappers are the NY Penn League single A team of the Cleveland Indians. A lot of the big name Indians players have been through here. With Cleveland's farm system, I am sure several of today's Scrappers will be in the Majors before too long.

This park is a little over an hour away from Cleveland so, like many of the Indians farm teams, they are pretty close to the big team.
The park itself is really not spectacular, but it is great by low A standards. This stadium reminds me a lot of the Frontier League's park in Washington PA. Like the Washington park, the Scrappers play right behind a mall, almost in the mall parking lot. My wife loves the fact that we can hang out at the mall before a game. I like that too.
It's a small, intimate park with a family feel. I have talked to the person setting next to me about baseball more than once here.
There is a fenced in lawn area where the players come on to the field. This is a very autograph friendly area, and most of the players walk through this area.
Negro League legend Ted Toles has been an usher at this park. How cool is that?
Scrappy, the teams mascot is visible during most of the game. He is a dog wearing a construction worker type hat.
The Area
The Scrappers play their games in a cool section of Ohio. It is rural, but still fun. The mall next door has a lot going on for it, and is a great place to hang out before a game. There is a book store near by, several restaurants, etc. Even though there is a very nice mall here, this area feels very rural.

Why go
This is low A ball, and you are going to see a few prospects (I once saw Josh Hamilton play here against the Scrappers right before the Reds got him). You are going to see some mistakes here too, which you won't see at the higher level parks... which, in my opinion, makes the game more fun. The promotions here are fun too. I have been to their last game of the season a couple of times, and they emptied out their giveaways closet.
Looking past the outfield walls, you see a lot of green. I love that at a ball park.

Why not go
There is a lot of baseball in this area. I think the Scrappers are a bit more secluded than the other farm teams in the area. If you are a baseball fan and find yourself in the Warren Ohio area, this is the place to be!

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