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Friday, February 13, 2009

Legends Caravan, Lexington, KY

Last night the Lexington Legends hosted their annual Caravan stop at their ball park. They have been doing several dates on their "caravan" and this was their main one.
It is hard to call this a "caravan" because their stops have involved different people, and I don't exactly see the Legends gang getting on a bus and travelling around for a week the way the Reds, Pirates, and Indians do.
This was a great event, with a good turn out, but more fans should have been there. It was one of those things that made me think, "why aren't there more people here?" This event was mentioned on the Legends web site, 1300 am had mentioned it, and their guys were broadcasting from the event, before and during.
Local guys who are making good in the Minor Leagues, John Shelby, Ben Revere, and Michael Bertram were there. All three of these guys have legitimate chances of making it.
Michael told me he figures on being with one of my favorite Eastern League teams next year. John and Ben were both friendly and chatty. Ben embarrassed pitchers in the Midwest League last year, owning the highest batting average in the minors last year. Check out all of his honors at MILB.COM. No "of the week" awards here. His titles end with "All-Star" and "of the Year."
John Shelby is going through the White Sox system keeping around a .300 batting average.
Shelby and Revere were at this event last year, and both years seemed to be happy to chat, shake hands, and sign stuff. It was good to see them back again.
Also, of three of the local prospects made me proud of their Kentucky ties. They seemed humble, and even appreciative of the support shown on this night. I know that when they go somewhere else, when they talk to others outside of the state, they are going to make Kentucky look good.
Baseball legends/local guy Doug Flynn was there. Yeah, Doug turns up a lot around Lexington, and Lexington is lucky to have him. Always friendly and inspiring, he did not let down at this Legends event. I always want to ask him about the Reds of the 70s, the early 80s Mets.... then I open my mouth and say something like, "fjghflhjrpuyrpl".
John Shelby's dad, the OTHER John Shelby came out too. I briefly listened in on a conversation between John and Doug (I was trying to count the World Series rings between them). That was a bit surreal. John was just as friendly too. I said roughly the same thing to him that I said to Flynn. Shelby was funny, he jokingly told me not to sell the photo I took of him on Ebay!
Big L was there. I thought he had grown a bit, but my wife reminded me that I am just very short, and I always comment about how tall people are. She said Big L has not grown. I might have to research this. I love Big L, but I still hope he gets a muppet like side kick at some point.
Calistoga Cafe catered this event. Holy Carp they have good food! Someone from Calistoga actually came over and asked us what we thought of our sandwiches and salads! Classy!
You can see why I am a little confused that more people weren't at this event. It was free, we got the Calistoga hook up, we got to chat with several pro baseball players, and learn a little about whats going on with the Legends.
This was a great event. I have been to similar events for other minor league teams, and the Legends really pulled through. I think it might be hard for the Astros to provide a lot of support on a thing like this, because of the distance and all, but thats OK. I was impressed that all players present really have no formal association with the Legends or the Astros, but they all have a Kentucky connection. The Lexington Legends pulled off a great local baseball event without a lot of support from the parent club, once again showing how classy they are!

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