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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lake County Captains, OH

The Lake County Captains are the Sally League team for the Cleveland Indians. They are the closest minor league team to the Indians, so there is a chance to see one of the guys from the main team rehab here.

Classic Park is all that and a couple bags of chips. This is a very nice park full of fun. You can walk all the way around the park (I think every park should have this feature). There is plenty of lawn seating. You can set on the hill in the outfield, right under the scoreboard.
We were season ticket holders here for a while, and I really love this park. It has a family atmosphere to it. We became very good friends with other regular attendees here. Phil in front of us became a good friend, and Dave, Mary and their young son Rocco were a blast. That family has been season ticket holders since day one at Classic Park.
The Captains have one of the single coolest mascots around, Skipper. Skipper is a very animated, big green muppet style mascot.
The Captains are very unique in their other representative, Captain Tony. Captain Tony looks just like the Captain on the teams primary logos. There is a lighthouse at the park too, which is totally cool. Captain Tony keeps a lookout there during the games. Let me stress, Captain Tony is not a guy in a Captain costume, like a bit stuffed animal. He is a real guy who talks to people, hands out promotions, etc. The Captains have a real Captain!
They also have Clipper, a big Zooperstar style Captain. He is big and balloon like. He is cool, but not as cool as Captain Tony.

The park is close to the very happening Mentor area. There is a nice mall here, and some other cool attractions. Downtown Cleveland is a 20 minute drive. Mentor is worth exploring though. I would suggest a Mentor weekend trip, if you are driving up from Kentucky. The very mysterious Kirtland is right here too. Grab your "Weird Ohio" books, read about Crybaby Bridge, or the Lemon Heads from this area!

Why go
The Indians have a good farm system. Some of these guys are going to make it. Skipper is a great mascot and makes the rounds. There are plenty of opportunities for a photo opp with Skipper or Captain Tony. The Captains play some great video clips on their scoreboard too, which is entertaining. For you autograph collectors, there is a far corner of the park fans can go to. Players on both teams have to pass within a few feet of it to get to the field. This is a very autograph friendly park.
There is a cool pedestrian bridge going from the park to a parking lot which is really cool. This has become a bit of a trademark of the stadium.

Why not go
If you are doing a ballpark road trip, and you will be in this area, this is not a park to pass on. It's not one of the most flashy or colorful parks, but don't let that scare you off. There are several other parks within about an hour of here though, and all are great. If I only had time to go to one of them, it would be a tough choice. This area would be a great one for a road trip, there is plenty of baseball to see in northern Ohio. The only reason not to go to a Captains game would be to see one of the other near teams.

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