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Friday, March 26, 2010

Lee Pfund 1945 Brooklyn Dodgers

Lee sent me a very friendly note about his playing days. He says that he grew up in the Chicago area as a Cubs fan, and that he still follows them closely.

"My favorite current player is Yankee Derrick Jeter" he mentions.

"I'm reminded often of my short career with the Dodgers. I pitched in 15 games, started 10. We won 6 of the ten I started. My record fro the season was 3-2."

"I was the starting pitcher for the Dodgers vs. the Washington Senators in a Red Cross benefit game. It rained after warm ups. I slipped on wet grass and had a season ending knee injury. Red Cross games were played throughout the Majors July 17, 1945 in place of the annual All Star game."

Lee goes on to say that he pitched 2 more years in AAA ball, and one in AA. He says that he never made it back to the majors.

"My baseball career led to a college coaching job in baseball and basketball at Wheaton College in Illinois for 27 years and for 12 more as Director of Alumnus Relations."

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