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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ray Daviault 1962 Mets

Canadian Ray Daviault sent me a great note about his playing days. Ray let me know that he did not learn English in school but picked it up when at Vero Beach, after signing with the Dodgers in 1953.

Ray mentions that he played for a great Tacoma team . He note the many great teammates he had at that time: Gaylord Perry, Manny Mota, Tom Haller, Charlie Hiller, Dusty Rhodes, among others. Ray notes that this team won the pennant!

Ray lets me know about his playing career.

In 1953 he was sent to Cocoa in the Florida State League. He was 10-9. In 1954 he was 15-4 in the PONY League. In 1955 he spent 1 month in Pueblo and was then sent to Asheville, 7-6. 1957 saw 1 month in the International League, and then he went home sick. Ray spent 1958 with Montreal for 3 months, and the rest of the season in Des Moines.

Ray spent 1959 with Macon in the Sally League and went 9-15. He was a starter the entire time. He says that he had a good fast ball, but no control of it.

In 1960, Ray says that he got a break, and was drafted by the Giants. They turned him into a reliever. He was 13-4 and saved over 25. He says that he was the number 1 pitcher in the All Star Game.

In 1961 he got a Major League contact with the Giants. After Spring Training he was sent to Tacoma.

In 1962 he was picked by the Mets, which led to his time in the Majors.

Concerning Kentucky, Ray says that it might be the only state that he never played in! He does say that in "1953 at Dodger Town there was a baseball team from Hazard Kentucky in D ball".

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