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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Al Severinsen 1969 Orioles and 1971-1972 Padres

Al Severinsen sent me a great note recently. I liked it a lot, so I am going to simply quote most of it.

"My favorite team in the majors was and still is the Baltimore Orioles and the Rochester Red Wings of the International League. Louisville was also a great city to play in."

Al does mention former players he likes. "I really loved to watch the Atlanta Braves when they had Glavine, Maddux, and Smoltz, they always produced exciting, well pitched games."

I specifically asked Al about playing for the legendary Hawaii Islanders.

"Hawaii was the most unbelievable minor league experience, if you have to go to the minors, send me there."

Mr. Severinsen gives me another great story.

"As far as a story about baseball I like to say my wife and I 'baby sat' for a Hall of Famer for three years, and by my records I'm glad we did a good job. By the way, his name Cal Ripken Jr."

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