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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reds Caravan in Lexington

I took a few pictures at the Reds Caravan event
in Lexington a couple of weeks ago. The place was crowded!

I really love the mall area connected to Rupp Arena, and I would like to see this area get utilized more! This is a great area in Lexington. Downtown is just as attractive as any other downtown in any other city, but it is easier to get around, in my opinion. The mall is VERY crowded during concerts and UK basketball games, but go there on an off day. You will feel like you have the place to yourself! Plus, they have several cool and unique shops!

The caravan was fun too. Jay Bruce was the main attraction, along with Tom Bowning. The unannounced addition of Joe Morgan was a real treat for most.

The crowd was massive, and they did cut the autograph line promptly at 1:30, leaving some without autographs. The good people with the Reds did give free game tickets to those who did not get autographs.

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